Midweek provides an opportunity to take a break from your usual weeknight routine and to join our church family for a refreshing evening of fellowship and learning. There are Bible studies for adults, and activities for students, children, and preschool.
Meals start on Wednesday at 4:45pm and classes begin at 6:00pm.  Click on the graphic above to sign up for the Midweek Snack Meal.

All Midweek activities are held at the Boyce Thompson Campus.

Classes starting August 17:
Prayer Meeting | Room 205-209
Explorer's Bible Study | Room 203 | "God's Perfect Plan: Exploring Bible Prophecy Genesis-Revelation"
Men's Bible Study | Room 217 | "An Unchanging Word in a Changing World"
Women's Bible Study | Room 211-212 | "Find Your People" by Jennie Allen
Worship Choir | 202-204